Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Our house has been plagued with sickness this weekend.  It started with Nate on Friday.  Jeff had to leave work to pick him up because he had the stomach flu.  Poor little guy.  Unfortunately we had to cancel plans to meet up with some old friends on Friday night. By Sunday, Nate was feeling better but not eating much.  By Monday, Jeff was feeling poorly and spent most of the day in bed. And today, it has hit me.  Fortunately, Jeff and I did not get it nearly as bad, and me probably the least. So, this weekend we spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV and movies and generally just resting and napping.  Thank goodness for the day off on Monday for the President's Day holiday.  It gave us an extra day to recoup.  I am behind on my Joy of Love posts but plan to try to get caught up (at least with most of them) this week. 

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