Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love: A Gift from the Heart

I'm not a huge jewelery fan, but I do wear a bracelet on my right arm almost every day.  It's Pandora and it was a Christmas gift from my loving husband.  When the Pandora craze started, I wasn't sure I would really be into it, but when my husband explained the sentiment behind my first three beads, I was hooked.
I received the light blue bead, the dog and the little boy with the bracelet.  The blue bead, my husband said, was the color of my shirt on our first date (10 years ago-- who knew he paid attention to clothes?).  The dog, was for our first dog together, Holiday, who died unexpectedly when she was 3.  The little boy obviously represents our son Nate.  The bracelet had come to be a symbol of important people and times in my life.

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