Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love: Routines

We are all about routines here.  Nate is very soothed by his routines.  Sometimes they can be soothing to me too.  And well, sometimes they can be very frustrating.  This picture actually captures several routines in motion.  1.  He has to curl up in this chair and watch one his "shows" on tv before he goes to bed.  (Come to think of it, I'm not sure how he will react when we get new furniture this spring).  2.  The thumb in the mouth.  This has been a routine since birth.  Actually, the doctor thinks he was probably sucking his thumb in the womb.  I know we should probably be breaking this routine soon, but I'm just not up for the battle quite yet.
3.  The Lightning McQueen/Mator blanket.  This is Nate's favorite blanket.  He has used this blanket nonstop for the last two years.  And even though we have two new blankets that are exactly the same (one Lightning McQueen and one Thomas the Train), he refuses to use them.  So, I habitually wash this blanket and make sure it is ready for use every night.  4.  The blanket grip.  Nate sucks his right thumb and then curls the corner of the blanket in the fingers of his left hand.  Every night he does this.  He has a death grip on that blanket.  These are just a few of the routines around here.  I could go on and on...but I'll spare you.

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  1. He'll break the thumb when he is ready, no worries. I know two girls and you know them too - it took til first grade but they only used it to sleep. They turned out great!