Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where Has This Little Blog Gone..

Oh where or where could it be?
Really? Can't believe my last post was in April!  Where has the time gone??

Looking back at my old posts, I miss this little blog.  Thanks to my friend, Mandy, for reminding me it was here :) 

This weekend we had a breakthrough at the Addy household.  Seeing that Nate is now 80 pounds and about and inch too tall for all his current pants, we had to venture to the mall on Sunday.  I dreaded the trip, knowing how Nate hates to try on clothes.  And yes, it was as nightmarish as I expected.  The problem-- trying to find pants that fit an 80 pound 5 year old.  The bigger problem is that the athletic type pants that Nate has worn for the last three years no longer are the best for his "husky" body.  So, we had to try on some jeans.  Husky jeans.  This was a very big step for us.  Almost a leap.  But they fit, so we bought them.
Today was "D-day".  Would he actually wear them when it was time to put them on this morning?? Dad says it wasn't easy.  Nate wanted his "old pants". Dad gently forced him.  And ta-da.  He wore them ALL day!
Isn't he a doll?  I just love him. (Even though I wanted to strangle him at the mall on Sunday).  Thanks to my sitter for making "a big deal" out of the new blue jeans. 
We are steadily making progress here.  It's slow. but slow is something.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Susie Homemaker (Plus Bird Update)

I love summer for many reasons. But one of my favorite things about summer is that I have time to bake and cook and try some new recipes.  During the school year, my time is limited and trying news things becomes fewer and farther between.  
Just a few of my Susie Homemaker creations have included:
Potato Crust Pizza

Homemade soft pretzels-- Oh so good!

And homemade granola-- delicious!

Thanks to for the yummy pretzel and granola recipe.

And on to the bird update,  The deer stuck again.  So, for now, we are bringing the feeders in at night.  Can't afford to feed the deer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Capturing Life's Little Moments

Technically speaking, it is a far from perfect photo.  It was taken in the basement with my iphone, so there is not enough light and it is grainy.  However, I was not going for technically perfect.  I was capturing the moment.
I walked down the basement steps to find Nate on the treadmill with his "Richard Simmons Headband" on his head.  It took everything I had not to laugh and risk disturbing the moment.  Luckily, I had my phone in my hand and was able to quietly snap a shot before he noticed me.  Thank goodness for camera phones & capturing the little moments in life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's for the Birds

Bird feeding.  Who knew it could have so many technical difficulties? Not me, that’s for sure.  After putting the bird feeder that Nate and Poppy made outside, we thought we would have wild bird kingdom in no time flat.  Instead, we woke up to find the “feeder” part on the ground, and all the birdseed gone.  Our first suspicion… squirrels.  So, I ventured to the local Wild Birds Unlimited where I learned some really interesting information.  The thingy that you need to keep the squirrels away is called a squirrel baffle.  And in addition to needing one of those, the ideal height of your bird feeder should be at least 5 feet tall.  Because unbeknownst to me, squirrels can jump 4-5 feet. 

So…enter pole with new squirrel baffle.  Again, we filled up the birdfeeder and waited for the birds to come.
Fast forward a few days.   I was sleeping soundly in my cozy bed when suddenly I was jolted out of my sleep by my ferocious guard dog barking like mad.  I thought for sure I would bolt downstairs to find a masked murderer (or at least a robber) trying to break into my house.  I found Alaska by the sliding glass door, fur standing straight up on her back.  I turned on the porch light, glanced around and saw nothing.  Clearly she had scared away whatever had been out there earlier.  I turned off the light and turned to head back upstairs.  Again, Alaska started barking like mad.  I flipped on the light again.  And then, I saw it.  It’s glassy little eyes staring back at me, while it stood frozen right next to the birdfeeder.  A deer.  Apparently, that bit of information about the pole being tall enough to keep out the squirrels, applies to deer as well.  And apparently our pole was not tall enough, since Bambi was able to eat right from the feeder.

I had enough.  Today, I purchase the Mac Daddy (or Daddy Mac, if you prefer).  The mother of all poles.  Tall enough to deter squirrels and deer.  Stocked to attract multiple types of central Ohio birds.  Within an hour I had a flock of birds including a Blue Jay.  Eat your heart out neighbors.  I have the mother pole J

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Wearing shoes (or clothes for that matter) is hard for Nate.  He doesn't like them.  Last summer he would fight to NOT wear sandals, and we would fight for him TO wear sandals.  When a four year old takes his shoes off every time he gets the chance, putting socks and tennis shoes on in the middle of the summer is a PAIN.  So this summer we said a prayer and bought some Crocs, hoping for a better outcome than last summer.  His first response, "Nah, I don't like those", (before ever putting them on, mind you).  But we gingerly, patiently and  methodically played up those Crocs. And finally, he tried them on.  And low and behold, he actually likes them.  And a bonus... he can put them on himself! Can I get an Amen, someone?  Progress, slowly, but surely, we are making progress (and that's all I can ask for).

We even found a second pair at a garage sale.  Talk about luck!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mator Teeth

We took Maddy on her first camping trip this past weekend.  She stayed with us all day Saturday and Saturday night.  We did lots of playing on the playground and swimming at the pool to keep them entertained.  Then we broke out the bubbles and the Mator teeth suckers.  Anything Mator is always funny (at least to me).
Nate sporting his Mator teeth.

And then Maddy and Jeff sporting their Mator teeth.

These 3 a real riot!  I see many camping trips in Maddy's future.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coming Up for Air

Coming up for air.  Yep, that's how most teachers feel in June.  The month of May is BUSY, BUSY, BUSY.  There is barely time to eat or sleep.  There is certainly not time to blog.  But I have thought about blogging and missed it and I'm glad to be coming up for air.

Around here we are getting adjusted to our summer schedule.  We're getting caught up.  And we are having summer fun.  To kick off our summer right, we took Nate and Maddy to the zoo.

Nate was a pro at the Carousel.  Maddy wasn't sure about it at first and wanted GP to hold her.  By the end she was loving it and wanted to ride again.

Then we had a play date at home with Maddy.  We found a toad while working in the garden.  Mr. Toad was very exciting and kept Nate and Maddy entertained.

That's Jeff holding the toad.  I, myself, am not into toads that much.

Yesterday Nate and I ventured to Dayton for the day to visit Grandma and Poppy.  Poppy helped Nate build a bird feeder for our yard.  Nate loved using Poppy's tools and was really good at it.

So that's what we've been doing around here.  And I'm back.  Not sure I'll be here every day.  But I'll be here more often than the month of May.