Monday, February 6, 2012

Oh Where Oh Where Has This Little Blog Gone..

Oh where or where could it be?
Really? Can't believe my last post was in April!  Where has the time gone??

Looking back at my old posts, I miss this little blog.  Thanks to my friend, Mandy, for reminding me it was here :) 

This weekend we had a breakthrough at the Addy household.  Seeing that Nate is now 80 pounds and about and inch too tall for all his current pants, we had to venture to the mall on Sunday.  I dreaded the trip, knowing how Nate hates to try on clothes.  And yes, it was as nightmarish as I expected.  The problem-- trying to find pants that fit an 80 pound 5 year old.  The bigger problem is that the athletic type pants that Nate has worn for the last three years no longer are the best for his "husky" body.  So, we had to try on some jeans.  Husky jeans.  This was a very big step for us.  Almost a leap.  But they fit, so we bought them.
Today was "D-day".  Would he actually wear them when it was time to put them on this morning?? Dad says it wasn't easy.  Nate wanted his "old pants". Dad gently forced him.  And ta-da.  He wore them ALL day!
Isn't he a doll?  I just love him. (Even though I wanted to strangle him at the mall on Sunday).  Thanks to my sitter for making "a big deal" out of the new blue jeans. 
We are steadily making progress here.  It's slow. but slow is something.