Thursday, April 21, 2011

Secret Reader

Yesterday I was the "Secret Reader" at Nate's preschool.  I came into the room when the kids were out.  Then, the teacher gave me a folder to put in front of my face that said "Secret Reader".  The kids were supposed to ask me questions and try to guess who I was.  Well, since I was the first secret reader, and it is a group of 4 year olds, the asking questions part was a little rusty.  The teacher tried to prep them by giving them questions to ask, but they mostly wanted to answer the questions, themselves, not ask them.  I, for one, was laughing hysterically behind my partition.  Finally, with a few hints from me, they learned that I was a girl, I knew a little boy in the classroom, and that my last name was Addy.
"Do we know anyone named Addy in our class?" the teacher asked.
"Nate!!", they all yelled.
"Nate, do you want to go see who the Secret Reader is?" asked the teacher.
So Nate slowly, and I am sure apprehensively, came toward me and then I poked my head out from behind the folder.
"Wow, it's my mommy!"
Sheer surprise on that little boy's face.  Priceless.
We read Pete the Cat.
We sang.
We grooved.
Nate was in his glory.

Being a Secret Reader is great fun!

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