Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello 35

Today I turned 35.
Today was a great day.
One of my students, Natalie, baked me a cake and we had a Sour Patch Kids party.
My teammates aided in my Whole Foods addiction and the Landshark Lager they got me is chillin' in the fridge.
My friend is going to take me for some Jeni's ice cream (which I have heard is just awesome).
My wonderful husband showered me with a week's worth of birthday gifts.  This year had a food theme, except for the last was random (Needed. But random).

Gift number one: A dish towel holder.  Love it.  Needed some place to hang that damn towel!

Gift Number 2: A new wooden spoon.  My others were getting a bit old.  This one is awesome.

Gift number 3:  A new oven grabber.  I think this one is going to the camper.  I need one in there.

Gift number 4: A new ice cream scoop.  Don't let him fool ya.... this one is for him.  He loves ice cream.

Gift number 5:  (The random, non-food related item) SOCKS!  Now don't get me wrong, I can always use a good pair of socks.  It just didn't fit with the food theme.

I am one lucky gal, and 35 is feeling pretty damn good.

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