Monday, January 17, 2011

Roller Rink

Today we decided to take Nate roller skating.  In Sunbury there is this little skating rink that has to have been there for at least 50 years.  When we walked in I could tell Nate was apprehensive.  But, he let me put on his skates. ( the kind that you put over you shoes).  He tried to stand up once and almost bit the dust.  His feet kept sliding out from underneath him.  That was it.  In less than 3 minutes flat he was done with that place.  He demanded that I take off his skates.  Then he was ready to go home.  I told him that Daddy wanted to skate for awhile because Daddy likes skating.  I reassured him that we could just watch.  He half laid-half crouched down on the bench, hiding his face every few minutes.  I think he was somehow thinking that he would have to skate if he could see the other skaters.  It was the weirdest experience.  I figured he would be a little scared, but this reaction was totally unexpected.  Jeff on the other hand was a roller maniac.  Just look at him go! 

1 comment:

  1. Looks like Dad still has his moves! Way to go, maybe another time Nate will join him. Maybe some to play with at home in the basement first.