Monday, January 24, 2011

Layers, Library, and Lazy

This weekend was full of L words.  It has been so cold here that I have been bundling up in layers all weekend.  2 pairs of socks. 2 shirts + 1 jacket= 3 layers on top.  And this is what I was wearing inside, just to stay warm in my own house.  I'm sure ready for this lousy weather to go.

On Saturday afternoon we decided to take Nate to the library.  It was something to do that didn't take money and we needed some books to read, too.  It turned out to be more than we bargined for.  When we first walked into the library, I saw the all too familiar uneasy look in Nate's eyes.  Then, I turned around and he was gone...heading for the exit.  Jeff had to carry him into the media center where we finally convinced him to stay because we were looking for him a new movie to watch.  After we found a new Thomas the Train and a new Tinkerbell, he was ready to go home.  "Go home and watch my new movies, now, Mommy".  So we decided to take him to the children's section in hopes that looking for new books might spark his interest.  He wouldn't even go in.  He found a computer by the door and stayed there for the next half hour (refusing to put the computer headphones on his head).  Needless to say it was somewhat of a frustrating trip.  We finally got him to go into the children's section right before we left, but  I think a reminder trip to the library will be in our future soon.

Sunday's L day stood for lazy (and a little laundry, too).  With the frigid weather outside and 2 NFL championship football games on to watch, it seemed like a great day to pile on some layers, curl up on the couch and watch some football.  Sometimes you just need those lazy days.  Don't worry, I did manage to cook some food for the family and do a few loads of laundry.  I'm rarely lazy for and ENTIRE day :)

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