Sunday, July 17, 2011


Wearing shoes (or clothes for that matter) is hard for Nate.  He doesn't like them.  Last summer he would fight to NOT wear sandals, and we would fight for him TO wear sandals.  When a four year old takes his shoes off every time he gets the chance, putting socks and tennis shoes on in the middle of the summer is a PAIN.  So this summer we said a prayer and bought some Crocs, hoping for a better outcome than last summer.  His first response, "Nah, I don't like those", (before ever putting them on, mind you).  But we gingerly, patiently and  methodically played up those Crocs. And finally, he tried them on.  And low and behold, he actually likes them.  And a bonus... he can put them on himself! Can I get an Amen, someone?  Progress, slowly, but surely, we are making progress (and that's all I can ask for).

We even found a second pair at a garage sale.  Talk about luck!

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