Sunday, March 13, 2011

She's Here

This little bundle of fluffy love arrived yesterday.  We left at 8:00 am to drive to Cambridge by 10:00 to get her.  She had to say goodbye to one of her sisters who was also being taken to her new home.  The vet said that this littler of puppies had two fathers, a rottweiler and a husky.  Juneau's dad is the husky.  She has one lab ear that flops and one husky ear that sticks straight up.  It is SO cute.  Love, love, love it!
Alaska is still adjusting...and we are too.  Not used to having a little baby around that you have to keep your eye on 24/7.  Alaska certainly does not like all the attention this new dog is getting, but she is not complaining about all the extra treats she is receiving. (Juneau gets a training treat, Alaska gets a training treat.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.) Not to mention all the new bones and toys around the house. 
We love our new Juneau Jellybean Addy.

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